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Friday, 24 August 2012

Ek Tha Tiger 180 cr Worldwide, Friday, 24th Aug, Collection Thursday

“Ek Tha Tiger” is emerged as 2nd highest grosser of Indian cinema. This is also become fastest crossing 150 crores on domestic box office, just in nine days. Now, this film is only behind to “3 Idiots” which has grossed 207 crores on home box office. In nine days “Ek Tha Tiger” has made so many records that there is need to make a list of this achievement.

Amazing performance of this film is continuing on weekdays also. On 2nd Thursday it has done fantabulous business and collected around 8 crores. Now the total worldwide collection is reaching around 180 crores and domestic collection more than 152 crores. The film is doing more than expectation. Initially, this film got some negative response but this could not affect the business of this film. There is great craze of this film in audience. People are appreciating Salman Khan’s performance as well as direction of Kabir Khan.

As the trend is developed it looks that it will cross the mark of 200 crores and become highest grosser of Indian cinema. It is expected that it will show good jump on Saturday and Sunday and collect a handsome amount.      

Details of collection:

1st Week
Domestic Collection
32.92 crores
16.00 crores
11.50 crores
16.75 crores
23.06 crores
19.00 crores
16.15 crores
Total 1st Week Domestic Collection
135.38 crores
2nd Week

09.00 crores
08.00 crores (early estimate)
Total Domestic Collection
152.38 crores
Overseas Collection
27.00 crores
Worldwide Collection
179.38 crores

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