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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Padman Girl Trolled For Wearing Bikini

Trolling become very usual phenomenon on social network and it is spreading day by day. Latest example of troll is Padman fame actress Ridhika Apte who played opposite Akshay Kumar in super hit movie.

The Padman girl was trolled when she posted a photograph of herself in bikini while taking sun bath at Goa beach, on Instagram. She was trolled. Very vulgar comment was passed by followers. Some of them taught her Indian culture etc.

She was completely unaware of it and knew when someone told her. She reacted surprisingly and spoke, "Do people want to see me in sari instead of bikini at Goa beach".

When she was asked by media to replay the troll. She said, " I don't know him and don't want to reply". She gave solid answer. This is not happen first time and before her, Sonam Kapoor, Tapsi and other actress has been trolled.

Though, people got the right to keep their opinion but everything has a limit and when one cross the limit and try to impose one's own opinion, use abusive language, vulgar comment, interfere others life whether they are celebrity or commoner, then it gets serious matter. This is called troll. Usually film actor, actress, sports personalities or politicians become victim of troll.

Social media is very large and strong platform to express one's opinion but misuse of this strong platform is wrong and illegal activity. User must know limit and should not abuse, pass vulgar comment or impose one's own opinion on others.

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