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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Bay Watch Trailer, set to hit screen in May, 17

Former Miss World and Bollywood super star Priyanka Chopra’s first Hollywood venture Bay Watch’s trailer released this evening just few minutes ago. Lead male actor is Deon Jonson former WWE wrestler. It is also released on Twitter.

Baywatch is set to hit the screen in May, 2017. Trailer has been released few minutes ago. Length of this trailer is just 1.59 minutes but there is a shocking news for Priyanka’s fans and Indian viewer. She appeared on the screen when 75% of trailer appeared on the screen and just for an instant, a fraction of second. Priyanka Chopra herself put it on Twitter. You can see this video on this link Bay Watch


Hollywood did not show any respect to this former Miss world turned actress. This is shocking news India, of course it is shocking. Let see what kind role she has been offered in this movie but for this we have to wait for May, 2017. Trailer shocked Indian viewers. Let see what kind of jolt film gives when appear on silver screen. Here is link of trailer  


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