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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Joker, 2dn Sep, Sunday, Worldwide Collection Saturday

“Joker” is not performing well on the box office. It is doing below average all over India and overseas. The film has collected only 10.10 crores worldwidely in two days. The film is getting negative remarks of critics and audience. So, the future of film is uncertain. There was slight improvement on Saturday and it has collected about 5crores.

It is expected that it will improve on Sunday and collect good amount but the public response is negative so, any big jump is not expected. The film has collected only 9.75 crores on domestic centers in two days. The film is doing average collection in single screens but performance at multiplexes is poor. The film is only admired by children.

Details of Collection:

04.75 crores
05. crores
Total Domestic Collection
09.75 crores
Overseas Collection
00.35 crores
Total Wordwide collection
10.10 crores

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