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Friday, 1 February 2013

Akshay Kumar will work with Karan Johor- Bollywood Surprises!

First time Karan Johor is going to make a film with super star Akshay Kumar. This is surprising news for all film lovers. So far Karan Johor has directed only Shahrukh Khan but now he decides to produce a film with Aksahy Kumar. Salman Khan had also expressed his desire to work with Karan Johor but he did not get through.

Punit Malhotra will direct the film. When Punit brought the script to Akshay Kumar. He impressed with it and ready to work. Akshay said, "Apart from commercial value the film has good message for society.  The film would be joint venture of Dharma production and Hari Om production and it will be started in next year.

The story of the film is revolving around 2 man’s fight. Most portion of the film will shoot in Mumbai. Title of the film is not yet finalized. Other cast including another lead actor and actress is yet to be finalized.  So far, Karan has produced many films but directed only Super Star Sharukh Khan. But now, his decision to work with super star Akshay Kumar has stunned everybody.

Karan Johor’s film is known for excellent contents and his fantastic direction. It is burning desire of every actor to work with him but so far few actors got this opportunity. Now he is coming with Akshay Kumar, Indeed it will be very interesting to see the creation of two biggies in one film, one know for his excellent direction and production ability and other for his versatile acting and an image of Action King or Khiladi Kumar.

Karan Johor is supposed to be a close friend of Shahrukh Khan. Will this decision affect their personal relation?

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